Tequila Addiction

Treatment For Tequila Addiction

Do you feel like you’re having a shot or two of tequila daily? Are you having a difficult time controlling your drinking patterns? In that case, you might be suffering from a tequila addiction.

If you or you know anyone who’s having this problem, then it’s best to make them aware of it before encouraging them to undergo rehab treatment. Once they accept their condition and weakness, they’ll be more open to treatment options.

Do you know how to treat alcohol use disorder? Let’s talk more about it.

When Is the Right Time for Treating Tequila Addiction?

Tequila AddictionThe best time for you or anyone to undergo rehab is today. This means that you must be ready to enroll in a rehab treatment facility as early as possible, and you must be 100% willing to do it.

Typically, if you’re still unaware that you have tequila addiction, it’s best to conduct an intervention. Your family and closest friends will be there to impart their observations regarding your condition, and how you’re far from your old healthy living before.

Once you have 100% accepted your situation and the need for medical treatment, then that’s the perfect time to talk to a doctor or addiction specialist.

What Are the Options for Treatment?

Basically, you have three main options for treatment: medication, behavioral, and support groups. In most cases of effective recovery, it’s actually a combination of the three, and it’s customized for each patient.

Here is a brief discussion for each treatment type:


Your doctor will give you a prescription drug that will alleviate the pain of your alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Likewise, there will be medicines that will help discourage you from taking alcohol.

Generally, you need to abide by your doctor’s prescription to avoid any overdose and the growth of a co-occurring disease.

Behavioral Therapy

Recovering from tequila addiction isn’t just about taking medicines since it also entails restructuring your behavior. Your therapist or counselor will help you choose and implement the right behavioral therapy that’ll help correct your unhealthy behavior.

Support Groups

Tequila AddictionBesides your family, you will also be enrolled in mutual support groups, where you get to hear out the experiences of patients with alcohol use disorder. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is one of these support groups where you’ll be enrolled.

Basically, you will have sessions with the group and each member will have the chance to speak and share their experiences and thoughts about alcoholism, or tequila addiction in particular.

What are the medications prescribed for Treating Tequila Addiction?

Generally, there are three common prescription drugs given to patients suffering from alcoholism, and all of these are FDA-approved.

  • Naltrexone: This drug is used for both alcohol and opioid addiction, and you can take it orally or through an intravenous application. The main function of this drug is to prevent you from sensing the euphoric effect of tequila or any liquor.
  • Acamprosate: This medicine has the brand name Campral and it’s one of the most common drugs given to patients with alcoholism. It works by helping your brain gain independence from tequila or alcohol. It helps reduce your cravings for any liquor or fermented drinks.
  • Disulfiram: This drug prevents the metabolism of alcohol in your body, so you will feel unpleasant effects upon drinking shots of tequila. Some of these unpleasant effects include nausea, vomiting, and cold clammy skin.

What are Behavioral Therapies Used for Treating Tequila Addiction?

Alcohol use disorder is also a behavioral problem since you cannot control your drinking habits. Even when you cure the physical damages of tequila addiction, there’s still a high risk that you’ll drink again since your bad habits weren’t corrected.

Here are some of the common behavioral therapies used for treating alcoholism:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

You can have this one-on-one with your counselor, or together with others in a small group. This therapy helps you identify those negative feelings or situations which trigger your drinking.

Once you’re done determining it, your counselor helps you process these triggers and formulate a healthier way of coping.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

AlcoholismYour endurance in finishing the treatment is important, and to ensure that, you need a constant supply of motivation. This therapy aims to help you understand the benefits and setbacks of undergoing treatment.

Likewise, your counselor will help you build confidence and find a sustainable reason for pursuing your treatment.

Marital and Family Counseling

Your family and spouse are one of the victims of your tequila addiction or alcoholism. Typically, your relationship with them is not good since you have alcohol use disorder.

This therapy aims to help build back your relationship with your loved ones. There are a lot of successful recovery stories which mentioned how their constant communication with family helped them achieve sobriety.

Brief Interventions

You will have a limited private therapy session with your counselor, where he will give customized feedback regarding the status of your treatment. Also, they will help you formulate goals that’ll help you achieve sobriety from tequila addiction.

What are some tips for choosing your Treatment for Tequila Addiction?

There are a lot of rehab centers for you to choose from in your city, yet you need to be careful in finding the right one. Additionally, you also need to be meticulous in choosing the right treatment plan for overcoming alcoholism.

Here are some questions that can help you on this:

  • What are the treatment options offered by the rehab center?
  • Can their treatments be customized per patient?
  • What are the expected outcomes for your treatment programs?
  • How can you measure the success of your treatment plans?
  • In case of a relapse, how will you address it?
  • What are your payment terms?
  • Do you have inpatient and outpatient treatment programs?

These are some of the questions you can ask for the rehab centers you are eyeing to enroll in. It’s always best to ensure that you’re trusting your recovery from a certified rehab treatment center.

Likewise, they must be flexible in customizing the treatment programs based on the patient’s condition.

Start your journey towards a healthier life away from tequila shots or any distilled spirit. Talk to a doctor or addiction specialist today.