What Does Molly Feel Like?

Have you tried going to a nightclub or going to dance parties? Did you experience someone selling you some capsules, tablets, or powder called “Molly”? Have you tried using them?

This synthetic drug is illegally sold and once you take them, it could give you a euphoric and energetic feeling. If you reach that “high” state, you can’t help but dance to the music, keep talking and have the urge to touch everyone near you.

Conversely, let’s talk more about this illicit substance and how it’s dangerous to users.

What is Molly?

MollyMolly is a slang term for “molecular”, which pertains to the pure 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) compound. MDMA is a major component of Ecstasy which is frequently associated with Molly.

Currently, this illicit substance is not 100% MDMA since there are other harmful compounds mixed into it, like bath salts.

After taking Molly, How Does It Affect Your Behavior?

This drug can be taken orally or by snorting its powder, and its effects usually kick in after 15 minutes. It’s a hallucinogen and stimulant, so it can alter your mood and behavior. Below are the following behavioral changes you can feel after taking Ecstasy:

  • Uncontrolled jaw or teeth clenching
  • Your pupils get larger or wider
  • Your pulse rate and body temperature increases
  • You feel a tingling body sensation
  • You get too “touchy” with anyone
  • You cannot help but dance even more when there’s music

How Long Do Molly’s Effects Last?

It usually comes in capsule or tablet form at 80 to 125 mg dose. One capsule of this typically lasts three to six hours, but most users take another one as the effects wear out.

The common ways of taking this substance are through oral ingestion, then followed by snorting and intravenous application.

How Does Molly Affect Your Brain?

This illicit drug is both a hallucinogen and stimulant, so expect that it can greatly alter your brain chemicals. In line with this, here are the three main brain chemicals altered by this substance:


Your dopamine levels increase, which gives you extra energy to do any activities. The main reason why you tend to dance even more when you’re on the dance floor.


As this brain hormone increases, your blood pressure and pulse rate dramatically speed up as well. It’s an alarming condition, especially if you have some heart problems.


This brain chemical affects your sleep patterns, mood, and appetite. After taking Molly, it enhances your serotonin levels, which elevates your sexual desire and empathy. Consequently, it provokes you to touch others more often without any reason.

Other Effects

Besides the ones mentioned, you may also feel these other effects either at the onset or outset of the drug.

  • MollyCold sweating
  • Nausea
  • Muscle cramps
  • Foggy vision
  • Jaw clenching
  • Feeling cold

Additionally, prolonged abuse of Molly can lead to uncontrolled body temperature. Typically, you’ll feel that your body is warmer than usual, which can lead to other health problems like liver, heart, and kidney diseases.

Considering this substance can spike your sex drive, you’re at risk of engaging in unsafe sex. If you do that, then you’re at risk of getting HIV and/or hepatitis.

Are there Health Benefits for Using the Pure MDMA?

Pure MDMA provides positive health effects to you as long as you obey your prescription. Below are some of the common benefits of using this medicine:

  • Alleviates depression and anxiety
  • Boosts your energy
  • Enhances your empathy
  • Elevated levels of perception and the ability to comfort others

However, if you’re using the impure and illicit Molly, then expect more negative side effects, because there are harmful compounds mixed with it.

What Will You Feel After Using Molly for A Week?

This illicit substance is a strong hallucinogen, so using it for a week will incur serious damages, which include the following:

  • Sensitive or easily irritated
  • Highly aggressive
  • Prone to depression and anxiety problems
  • Problem sleeping
  • Inability to focus
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of sex drive

Similar to other substances, the more you use it at a larger dose for a longer duration, then the more severe will be its consequences.

Is Molly A Safe Party Drug?

This is a dangerous drug since there are other harmful chemicals mixed into it, like bath salts and marijuana. Only a small percentage of this illicit drug is just the pure MDMA, which is a component of Ecstasy.

Considering this, it will never be safe for you to abuse this substance, so don’t even try using it.

Who are the Common Users of Molly?

This illicit drug is usually sold in raves and nightclubs, where the typical range of the users are ages 12 to 17 years. The perpetrators find this age group a susceptible target since they’re curious and outgoing.

How Serious is Molly Addiction in the US?

MollyIt’s one of the fast-moving illicit drugs in the US market and it’s very rampant in almost all states. In a two-day operation of the DEA, they already found $95 million worth of Molly from different drug traffickers.

Moreover, this problem is also pretty rampant in New Zealand, Europe, and Australia.

Where are the Ingredients of Molly Sourced From?

The majority of the compounds used for producing this drug came from China, and then they’re sold in the US through different middlemen. This illicit drug is highly dangerous since it uses other toxic substances which can impair your brain and body.

Need Help With Your Molly Addiction?

The physical, mental, and behavioral risks of using Molly are greatly dangerous, so better not engage in using it. However, if you weren’t able to resist the temptation of abusing this substance, then seek help from a doctor or addiction specialist.

They are trained and experienced in helping individuals suffering from substance addiction. You can either search online or ask for a referral from your relatives or trusted friends for a reliable doctor or rehab center.

Molly addiction is treatable and your first step is accepting your weakness from abusing it. Get help as early as today.