Vicodin Detox

Can I Do Vicodin Detox At Home?

Yes, you can detox at home, but it can be challenging. Before you decide to do it, you have to understand the possible risks.

Every detox experience is different and most likely, it depends on how frequently you use the drug and how high the doses you take. Co-existing health conditions are also another factor that can weigh you down in the process.

The solution for this is to ensure that your treatment is supervised by a health expert. This will help you prevent yourself from relapsing and causing your conditions to get worse. The detox phase can fill your days with distress. Plunging through it all by yourself can risk your health and your life.

What Happens During Vicodin Detox

Vicodin DetoxWithdrawal symptoms will follow when you detox. Even those who follow their prescription are not excused from the symptoms.

If you think your dose is not working for you, you have to consult your doctor before you make a switch so that the potential to establish a strong physical dependence on the drug can be avoided.

Those who use it to take advantage of its euphoric effects are more likely to suffer severe withdrawal, especially when they have already established a substance use disorder. This is a condition where you find yourself physically and psychologically struggling when you are disconnected from substance use.

The symptoms would initially kick in through chills and muscle aches. This can be accompanied by feeling nauseous and even occasions of vomiting. This can progress to psychological symptoms such as agitation and anxiety. Some people find themselves mostly irritable and even suffer from insomnia.

How To Detox Vicodin At Home

Vicodin Detox At HomeWhen you detox at home, you need to make sure that you have enough support to provide for your needs. It can be very challenging to fend for yourself without any assistance. When you suffer terribly from the symptoms, not having anyone to look after you can lead you to just take your usual dose to relieve the pain.

This can be very dangerous, not only because it causes you to reset your withdrawal, but also because the chance to suffer from overdose is likely. It is never a good idea to return to substance use in the middle of your withdrawal. Detoxing causes changes in your body that the dose you retake might already cause you more harm.

If you are determined to detox at home, the first thing you need to do is to adhere to the guidance of a medical expert. You have to identify your current health status and determine the best treatment that suits your needs by getting yourself checked. Severe cases must take their treatment in a rehab center, and not at home.

Once your doctor allows you to detox at home, make sure you get someone to look after you. It is never a good idea to detox at home alone. If matters are complicated, it would be great to have someone to call for immediate help when necessary. It would also be more convenient for you to have someone to assist with your needs.

Having established these two things may ensure your safety as you detox at home. Always follow the guidance of your physician and be in constant communication regarding the ups and downs of your experiences.

Detoxing can feel terrible, however; the painful phase will not last. Your body will recover and once you become stable, you can proceed to psychological care to attend to the symptoms which continue to persist. This can be done in the form of therapy sessions. Both individual and group therapies can be helpful for your recovery.

What Are Home Remedies For Vicodin Detox

Apart from the prescriptions, your physician will provide you, you can soothe yourself from withdrawal pain by trying out the following home remedies as you detox.

But you have to always keep your doctor informed about the symptoms that you experience so that you can be in one mind as you take on the following steps.

Fighting off cravings

Light exercises can be a great means to fight off cravings. This can be a form of brisk walking or jogging. Science explains how physical exercises help regulate dopamine levels which can boost mood, and most likely help control intense cravings.

Vicodin DetoxCoping from headache and fever

A warm bath can help relieve inflammation that typically causes headaches. It helps the blood flow smoothly. That is the reason when you experience flu-like symptoms, you can feel a sense of relief with warm baths.

Relief from nausea

This can be achieved by keeping track of your diet and ensuring that you stay hydrated. Taking small meals can be helpful to prevent you from vomiting what you eat. Try to also avoid greasy meals and digest more fruits such as bananas and apples.

Limiting anxieties

It would be best to avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee and soft drinks to help the body cope with occasions of anxiety and limit their intensity. This type of beverage tends to strengthen tremors, chills, and panic attacks.

Improving quality sleep

Establish a healthy routine to improve the quality of your sleep. You can keep yourself off from gadgets at night, and adjust the room temperature between 60 and 67 degrees. Keep it dark to induce you from nodding off.

When To Seek Immediate Medical Help

When you suffer from dehydration, seizures, and irregular heart conditions while on detox, you need to call for medical help right away. Although withdrawal symptoms are rarely fatal, how your body responds to the absence of the drug is unpredictable. These symptoms are strong indications of a serious medical case.

If you have been suffering from certain physical or mental health problems, it would be best to divulge them to your doctor during the assessment. A detox treatment in a professional facility can attend to you better than coping with them at home on your own. This can lead to life-threatening risks.