Tramadol Addiction Treatment

What Is The Duration of Tramadol Addiction Treatment

The minimum required length of treatment for an opioid use disorder such as that of tramadol is 30 days. However, research strongly suggests that a 90-day program is more highly capable of allowing the brain to heal from the strain of addiction and return to its usual analytical and proper decision-making function.

A person’s progress in their addiction treatment can be affected by several factors. The length, the method, and the intensity of how they take the drug matter. Typically, every journey is different. While some people cope easily with the challenges of their addiction treatment, others may take some time to do so.

It is important to note that focus on treatment must be given more value than worrying about how long the treatment will take. Perhaps the cost may be a cause for concern since a longer treatment could mean more expenses, however; this can only serve as a distraction. It is best to explore treatment options from the very start to prevent this later on.

Understanding Tramadol Addiction

Even when used as prescribed, physical dependence on tramadol can still be established. This may differ from addiction, however; when a person reaches this point, the body will inhibit withdrawal symptoms which can be painful. This follows that treatment is still necessary, especially in managing withdrawal.

Tramadol addiction affects a person’s quality of life. With thoughts solely focused on taking the drug, daily activities could be negatively affected. With prolonged use, one may seek stronger effects and may resort to using tramadol in combination with alcohol, heroin, and the like. If left untreated, this could lead to serious health risks which can be fatal.

Should I Take A 90-Day Tramadol Addiction Treatment?

Tramadol Addiction TreatmentMost health insurance policies cover only up to a maximum of 60 days of addiction treatment. It may require one to personally spend the remaining days and that is something that must be considered too. If doctors recommend that this program is needed for a person, then several payment options can help aid the cost.

Although the financial aspect of the treatment is an important thing to think about in the treatment plan, it must not influence a person to go against medical advice when it comes to taking their treatment. This will only lead to serious problems in the long run, and that also means more cost.

A 90-day program is an ideal duration for addiction treatment. Statistics show that only 17% of patients who worked on a 90-day treatment plan experienced relapse a year after their treatment compared to the 35% who took the 30 and 60-day programs. But then again, overcoming addiction is a uniquely personal path that differs from person to person.

Some people take the option of the 30-day program and then, later on, decide to move on to a longer treatment depending on one’s progress. It may be likely for some to begin an inpatient treatment for a month and then continue further treatment in outpatient care later on. This can also be a reasonable path to explore.

Another factor to think about is the choice of the duration of a treatment program is a person’s level of addiction. Individuals who engage in polysubstance abuse, those who have co-occurring mental health disorders or serious physical illnesses, and those with severe addiction may find the 90-day treatment more beneficial.

How Long Will Tramadol Withdrawal Last

Tramadol Addiction TreatmentAddiction treatment will always start with detox and this can be an ultimately uncomfortable process. It is highly important to take this step with medical supervision to ensure safety. Physicians may taper off one’s dose of tramadol or prescribe medications to limit the withdrawal symptoms as well as the cravings for the drug.

It takes about two weeks for the withdrawal symptoms from tramadol to last. Usually, the symptoms may begin to kick in within a day or two, and peak on the third day. Without medical aid, one can be vulnerable to returning to substance use in case the pain becomes unbearable. Withdrawal resets can only worsen tramadol addiction in the long run.

Medical prescriptions which help manage withdrawal symptoms also prevent one from experiencing strong cravings which cause relapse. Methadone and buprenorphine are opioids approved by the FDA to aid tramadol withdrawal. Despite their addictive potential, they can be safe when used with medical supervision.

These drugs can also be used as maintenance drugs for a year to prevent relapse. However, without psychological interventions, this may not work effectively to keep a person sober. Keeping a healthy lifestyle combined with active engagement in aftercare programs are great means to boost one’s combat against relapse.

How Long Should I Stay Active In Therapies For Addiction

Tramadol Addiction TreatmentTherapy is one of the foundations of addiction treatment. It helps deepen a person’s understanding of oneself and identify personal triggers of addiction. It also helps one establish new ways to live a sober life and strengthen coping skills toward returning to substance use.

Inpatient treatment offers intensive care for their patients wherein daily routine is filled with both individual and group therapy sessions, as well as alternative therapies such as involvement in arts, meditation, and exercise. On the other hand, outpatient care offers a maximum of 12-hour therapy sessions in a week.

These schedules are really beneficial when one commits their whole self to engage through the process. And this does not end in a particular timeline. Even after one’s contract with the treatment facility ends, patients are encouraged to continue to actively engage in support groups on their own.

Overcoming addiction is a lifelong journey and one may never know how potential triggers to addiction may be extremely challenging in the future. This is the reason why taking care of one’s physical and psychological state must be a commitment to take for a lifetime. Staying involved in support groups is also one of the keys to staying on track right after treatment.


There is no standard period for treating tramadol addiction since that depends on the patient’s recovery rate. Other things to consider are their physical and mental conditions. The best thing you can do to shorten your treatment is to abide with it. Motivate yourself to be sober since it will be for your welfare and your family.