Inpatient Addiction Treatment Centers

Common Rules In Inpatient Addiction Treatment Centers

Inpatient addiction treatment offers an environment among patients that ensures the safety and welfare of everybody including the staff and to achieve this, certain rules need to be followed while enrolled in the rehab facility. Every patient needs to understand that the life inside is a new system that needs to be embraced.

Day-to-day activities at the rehab center are designed not only to attend to the needs of both physical and mental health conditions but also to develop a sense of discipline among each individual. Routines at home could be far too different from the timetable set each day at the center and this requires openness and active cooperation to thrive.

The following are the most common rules to expect inside a residential treatment facility. Some people might find them difficult to work on at the beginning, however, with a strong commitment to recovering from addiction, the struggle could be overcome. It is important to be patient and give oneself enough time to adjust before deciding to quit.

Stay inside the facility within the duration of the treatment.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment CentersThe main advantage of inpatient care is to keep patients away from the temptations of getting back to habits of addiction while reinforcing behaviors that are essential in overcoming addiction in the long run. Staying inside the facility at all costs is necessary to focus on the treatment plan and keep the distractions of reality away.

It is restricted to go outside without permission. The only reason that a person is allowed to go out is something related to treatment such as attending off-site therapies or supervised outings with peers. Attending personal concerns and responsibilities outside is usually not allowed to guarantee the quality of presence while on treatment inside the rehab center.

Engage in all the activities assigned each day.

Daily experiences in the rehab facility are structured full-time where opportunities for one-to-one and group therapies are maximized. It is a requirement to devotedly follow the routine created in the program. The freedom to do as you please may be limited inside the facility, however; it is designed for your benefit.

Cooperation is highly encouraged even when there is minimal motivation to perform the assigned tasks. The only excuse to skip sessions is when one suffers from an illness. At the end of the day, the treatment is designed for personal advantage. It may look inconvenient from the start but with openness, it will be easy as the days go by.

Avoid romantic relationships with others inside the facility.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment CentersAlthough it is important to establish camaraderie among each other inside the rehab center as it helps promote personal healing and wellness, it is highly discouraged to engage in romantic relationships as this can be a source of distraction to one’s treatment. Instead of focusing on oneself, looking after the welfare of another person can interrupt the process.

Programs conducted in inpatient care are particular about putting similar genders in a group. This is to avoid instances of developing romantic relationships and at the same time create a safe environment for people of the same gender to divulge personal struggles and extend support for each other’s recovery.

Abstain from the use of any substances during treatment.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment CentersRehab facilities aim for a drug-free environment and the use of substances either for recreation or medical purposes are strictly controlled. Alcohol use is never allowed and medications are highly supervised to the point that prescription drugs are even locked up inside where only the trained staff can access them.

Inpatient treatment provides a safe and secure place for the patient towards his journey for recovery. Even over-the-counter medicines are not given freely at hand, although they can be made available only when the need arises. Abstinence from any form of the substance is part of the discipline that the rehab center develops for every patient.

The following are the most common policies which rehab facilities set for patients to follow. It is important to condition oneself about these policies so that the transition from domestic life to life in an inpatient care system becomes more manageable. The maximum support given by loved ones is also a great factor to make treatment more effective for the patients.

Accepting visitors is scheduled and limited.

Although some facilities put great value on family therapies where the support extended by the family is essential in a person’s recovery, sometimes their visits require approval by the therapist and must be arranged. This limitation is necessary since the treatment aims to surround the patient with positive influences and limit the distractions from the outside reality.

The use of mobile phones, computers, and devices on the internet is strictly prohibited.

This policy is established for two main reasons. One, it shelters the patients from any form of media that can trigger their substance use disorder. Two, it also protects the privacy of the individuals attending the inpatient care. All experiences inside the facility must be kept with high confidentiality and sharing some situations online is not allowed.

Access to entertainment media such as television, radio, and the likes is limited.

Again, this is to avoid circumstances that trigger a person’s substance use disorder. Although music can be an alternative therapy and some movies can be helpful in the treatment, these activities are carefully examined before engaging them in patients. The approval of the therapist is essential in all the routines assigned in the facility.

Demonstrating acts that depict violence is not allowed.

Promoting peace and harmony in the rehab facility is regarded with the utmost value. Disputes among patients in the facility must be avoided and any acts of violence are never tolerated. Even the choice of clothing which can depict signs of violence is also not allowed. Moreover, weapons that can cause harm to others are also banned.

The chances of getting dismissed from the treatment are possible especially when these rules are constantly disregarded. It is best to examine the rules inside the rehab facility before enrolling so that one can set the mood towards taking that path. Although perfection is not a requirement while on treatment, it is still necessary to abide by the rules to keep everyone safe.