The Mogo Method

The Moglice Molding Method achieves precision alignment by positioning components in proper relation to each other on jack screws or temporary shims. Moglice Putty or Fluid is applied in the void between the two components and allowed to cure. The cured surface of Moglice will be an exact replica of the guide way. This procedure results in a full bearing condition and highly accurate alignments, eliminating machining and scraping-to-fit.

Moglice requires NO GLUING

Moglice has its own adhesion properties. It conforms to adhesion surface irregularities. It can be adhered to bronze, cast iron, and phenolic, even when oil-soaked. A rough adhesion surface increases bond area, and undercuts mechanically key the Moglice into the adhesion surface.


SAVE the HIGH COSTS required to rig large beds and cross rails. REQUALIFY their bearing surfaces AT YOUR FACILITY by PORTABLE MACHINING techniques.

Using "MOLDING TO FIT" procedures made possible by Moglice low-friction bearing materials, a pre-designed fixture can be molded to slide on a straight unworn surface of your machine (a surface can be provided if not available). This fixture establishes a flat plane as it moves over the surface to be machined. By mounting a cutting head to this fixture, ANY SURFACE, "V" or "flat", CAN BE SUCCESSFULLY MACHINED, removing all gouges and low areas caused by wear, and requalifying those surfaces parallel to your reference plane.

The material machined from a bed surface, let's say, is now replaced by adding low-friction Moglice to the under side of the table to RE-ESTABLISH THE TABLE'S ORIGINAL HEIGHT. This is accomplished by using shims to position the table so it is correctly aligned. It now can be molded in its proper position.


We provide the TECHNICAL SUPPORT and equipment to do the portable machining at your facility. We also provide "on the job" TRAINING SEMINARS in the application of Moglice to your slide way surfaces. This leaves you with a requalified, low-friction bearing surface and trained personnel for your future projects.


Moglice can be successfully used to repair both ball and acme screws by removing the balls (or acme threads), remounting the nut concentric on the screw, and molding new threads to fit the original or requalified screw. This 48 hour process delivers you a replacement assembly with these advantages: LOW FRICTION, MINIMUM BACKLASH (less than .001), EXTENDED LIFE, AND COMPETITIVE PRICE.

It is our endeavor at Mogo Rehab to satisfy each customer with the performance of Moglice. We have successfully used Moglice applications on large WATER TURBINE BEARINGS, large AIR CYLINDER BEARINGS (28" diameter), HYDROSTATIC BEARINGS and many others. In general, all babbitt, phenolic, and telfon type bearing materials can be replaced by Moglice with considerable IMPROVED RESULTS.

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