What Mogo Rehab Can Do For You

MogoRehab is a family owned and operated company specializing in precise in place machine slideway, and ball and acme screw repair. With over 15 years of experience repairing and rebuilding slideway surfaces, and hundreds of satisfied customers, you can count on MogoRehab for the fastest, most reliable service across the country, and the world.

We provide all the technical support and equipment to complete portable machining at your facility, but our promise extends far beyond a quick fix. We also provide on the job training seminars in the application of Moglice to your slideway surface. With Mogo Rehab, when the job is completed, you not only have e a fully requalified, low-friction bearing surface, but also trained personnel for your future projects.

At Mogo Rehab we strive to satisfy every customer and every job, large and small. With succesful applications of Moglice on large water turbine bearings, large air cylinder bearings (28" diameter), hydrostatic bearings and many others, there are very few jobs we won't tackle. In general, all babbitt, phenolic, and teflon type bearing materials can be replaced by Moglice with considerably improved results.

For the technically inclined:

  1. The Moglice Molding Method achieves precision alignment by positioning components in proper relation to each other on jack screws or temporary shims.
  2. Moglice Putty or Fluid is applied in the void between the two components and allowed to cure.
  3. The cured surface of Moglice will be an exact replica of the guide way.
  4. This procedure results in a full bearing condition and highly accurate alignments, eliminating machining and scraping-to-fit.

For the fiscally motivated:

  • Save the high costs required to rig large beds and cross rails.
  • Requalify your bearing surfaces at your facility with portable in place machining techniques.
  • This 48 hour process delivers a replacement assembly with many advantages:
    • Low Friction
    • Minimum Backlash (< .001)
    • Extended Life
    • Competitive Price

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